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Northern Ontario’s Reflection Wall is a WI5 Gem

The steep ice route forms every year and only takes five minutes to approach

Reflection Wall is the classic WI5 testpiece of Northern Ontario. A steep and yellow 50-metre wall of ice that forms over a basalt cliff. It’s one of Ontario’s must-climb steep ice lines.

Close to Highway 11, Reflection Wall is one of the most classic ice climbs in the Thunder Bay area. It is located north of Nipigon in Orient Bay.

It appears overhanging, but from beneath, it is well featured with three-dimensional features. It was first climbed in 1985 by M. Dahlberg and L. Saroka.

The rock under the ice is black and the climb faces southeast, so on hot spring days the climb has reportedly collapsed in its entirety.


For those familiar with climbing in the Rockies, Reflection Wall is similar to Carlsberg Column WI5 near Field, B.C. Mixed pitches have been added to the rock on both sides, but nothing beats sticking to the pure ice line.

Orient Bay has dozens of aesthetic and enjoyable ice climbs. Not far from Orient Bay is Kama Bay with other classic routes, including Powerline Falls. Watch a short film by Aric Fishman in Kama Bay below.

Reflection Wall. Photo Kris Gorny

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