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Quick Reminder Kids Should Wear Helmets at Crags

While parents wear them, many kids are running around without them

I’ve been to three dozen crags in Canada this summer and I’ve been surprised that a handful of times there have been kids without helmets running around below climbers. All the while their parents are wearing helmets while belaying and while climbing.

The most recent example was today at Sunshine Slabs near Banff. The climber was wearing a helmet, the belayer was wearing a helmet, but the kids (ages five to 10?) were sitting below the route without a helmet. After voicing a concern, it was obvious to those involved that the hypocrisy of the situation was evident.

Even if the rock is bomber, which it’s almost never, the climber can drop a quickdraw or carabiner which could hit those below. This is a quick reminder that if you’re going to wear a helmet then be sure that the kids below the climbers are also wearing them.

I have a lot of pet peeves at crags, from climbers not knowing where to stand when belaying to climbers not knowing how to clean steep routes, but endangering kids takes the cake. Helmets for everyone at the crag. And masks? Maybe…