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Raw Footage of Alex Megos Sending Fight Club 5.15b

In 2016, Alex Megos visited Canada and made the first ascent of Fight Club 5.15b at Ravens Crag in Banff

Fight Club 5.15b was the first 5.15 in Canada and has not been repeated, but that might change this summer.

Many of the world’s top climbers have moved to Canmore for the season to work hard local routes and projects. Among them are Adam Ondra, Jon Siegrist, Edu Marin and Sasha DiGiulian.

One of them might also take a shot at repeating Honour and Glory, Evan Hau’s hard route in Echo Canyon graded 5.15a that is awaiting confirmation. Below is raw footage of Megos on the first ascent of Fight Club, in which you can see Sonnie Trotter filming from top down. Watch his video of the send below.

Raw Footage of Fight Club 5.15b

Fight Club 5.15b