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Real Cliffhanger “Bolt Gun” Available Soon

For 30 years, route developers everywhere have wondered if we'd ever get the bolt gun that Sylvester Stallone uses in the famous movie

If you ever watched the Hollywood film Cliffhanger (1993), then you know about the bolt gun. In one scene, ranger Gabriel “Gabe” Walker – played by Sylvester Stallone a former mountain climber and rescue ranger haunted by his failure to save the partner of his best friend – fires a climbing bolt into rock using a gun. Watch below.

Of course, those who’ve seen the movie know that Gabe’s character is free-soloing, so adding the bolt was really just to keep the action moving, but climbers everywhere always wondered – is it possible? Well, Hilti has figured it out. Route developers everywhere will surely be lining up for this awesome new drill, once it hits the market.

The new “Cliffhanger” Style Powder-actuated Tool will be UIAA approved for installing safety bolts to all types of rock. As detailed on the tool page, the benefits include: Simple tool cycling/repeating permitting high climbing speeds; Noise suppressor to limit access problems; Power regulation to suit various bolt lengths, from 2 in. to 3.5 in; And availability of base-plates for granite, sandstone, limestone and quartzite. The Dual Action Cartridge system blasts out a suitable hole, then inserts the bolt. It weighs 3.56 kg without the magazine, 4.0 kg with the magazine.

Cliffhanger Bolt Gun

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