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Ryan Titchener Survived Bad Accident, Back in the Mountains

The top Rockies climber took a bad fall in the Bugaboos

While mountain climbing on Pigeon Spire in the Bugaboos a few years ago, Ryan Tichener rested his hand on a boulder the size of a washing machine and it unexpectedly moved.

He tumbled down the rocks and the boulder rolled over his body crushing his spine and paralyzing his legs. Award winning writer Geoff Powter wrote about Titchener in the current Gripped magazine, be sure to pick it up.

Beyond this loss, the immobility also robbed him of something further: his deep connection to the mountains and the outdoors.

But something unexpected happened to him over the next few years. As he rehabilitated his body, he realized he was gaining other things. As his fellow Jasper residents rallied to support him emotionally and financially, he felt deeper ties to his neighbours. As his strength grew, he found a new passion for sit-skiing at Jasper National Park’s beloved Marmot Basin ski resort, where he also worked. That led to an even deeper connection to the mountains and the outdoors.

Ryan’s Story