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Sean McColl Flashes Hard Problem in Font

Sean McColl’s trip is proving to be a productive one with a number of hard routes already ticked.

Sean McColl
Sean McColl.  Photo from McColl’s Mammut profile

McColl’s Fontainebleau trip started only five days ago, but he’s already sent Neverland V11, Atresie Assis V13, Atresie V11, Big Golden Assis V11, Big Golden V10, TRex Assis V11, La Chose V11 and two days ago he sent The Traphouse V14.

Yesterday, McColl reported that he flashed Elephunk V13 after watching Justin Wood and Josh Larson do the moves. “Discovered this line in 2012 and have been eager to try it since then,” said McColl. “Went there with Josh, Ronnie and Justin who gave me all the beta and literally showed me the moves. A perfect line lost in a perfect forest.”

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