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Out of the Shadows, a Bouldering Film

Andy White and Clayton Arnall are busy working on Out of the Shadows after the success of their first film The Fileds.

The Fields was seen all over the world, in part to it being a finalist in the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Article on New V10 Routes in Okanagan 

“One of the necessary evils of the film was it was designed for a general, film festival audience that may not necessarily know all the climbing terms and lingo,” said Arnall. “What this meant for regular climbers, is even though there was tons of great climbing and other stories, some of the info was as little ‘dumbed down’ to appeal to a wider audience. We always wanted to make another film that appealed more to the hardcore climbing crowd.”

Until a few years ago nobody had even heard of the bouldering potential in the Okanagan Valley. Now, people are finally starting to realize that there is some potential world class bouldering in the valley.

Gripped Magazine will be running a detailed piece on the Okanagan bouldering scene this spring, you won’t want to miss it.

The Fields from 2014:

The Fields – A Bouldering Film from Clayton Arnall on Vimeo.