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The Canadian Climber Series

Interviews about hard routes, big issues and the sport of climbing in Canada

While Gripped has been covering international climbing for over 20 years, our primary focus has always been Canadian climbing and climbers.

In our over 120 issues of Gripped magazine, we’ve spoken to hundreds of climbers, many who’ve now passed on and many who have since left the sport. Capturing the spirit of going up from those who do it best and love it the most is important for future generations to understand the progression and history of the sport.

Over the past year, we’ve been touching base with many Canadians about past triumphs, future goals and climbing during covid-19. So we’ve started the Canadian Climber Series: an interview-based collection with the young and old climbers from coast-to-coast-to-coast who are part of our amazing community.

If you know someone in your climbing scene who you’d think should be highlighted for their contributions to the sport or simply for being really awesome, just let us know at brandon at gripped.com. Below are a few of our Canadian climber stories from the past year.

Canadian Climber Series

Words with Pia Graham and Ilya Sarossy of Bad Flower Pictures
Words with Leslie Timms on hard climbing
Words with Erynne Gilpin, Indigenous climbing activist
Words with Evan Hau, Canada’s first 5.15 climber
Words with Julien Bourassa-Moreau on repeating La Zebree
Words Becca Frangos on her first 5.14a
Words with Jérome St-Michel on new 5.13bR in Quebec
Words with Brette Harrington on climbing during covid-19
Words with Barry Blanchard on guiding during covid-19
Words with Christie Harvie, climber and Indigenous relations and reconciliation negotiator
Words with Miles Adamson about his new 5.14d
Words with Jake Scharfman about hidden Squamish gems
Words with Evan Hau from Gripped August/September 2020 issue
A day with Sonnie Trotter at Back of the Lake
Words with Ethan Salvo on climbing for three years and sending V13
Words with Jérôme St-Michel on sending La Zébrée 5.14 trad in Quebec
Words with Paige Boklaschuk on V10, 5.13 and the Olympics
Words with Ethan Salvo on Ontario’s first V13/14
Worlds with Brennan Doyle on new V13 in B.C.
Words with Jim Elzinga on The Anna Smith Memorial route
Words with Julien Bourassa-Moreau on new Quebec 5.13/14 trad line
Words with Ethan Berman on new Emperor Face alpine climb
Words with Andy White about B.C. bouldering