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Three Weeks of Highlining in Tasmania

Tasmania highline Photo Valentin Rapp

Valentin Rapp spent three weeks touring around Tasmania with some buddies, highlines and a camera.

In the end, they rigged a number highlines in areas that had never had them before and explored some remote parts of the wild island.

Rapp said after the trip, “As I sit beside my camera, Lukas walks out to the middle of the highline, with the aurora firing behind him and the Milky Way above, I can’t help but feel thankful for what highlining gives me.

“Not just the experience, but the reason to come away and have these adventures; the friendships, the natural wonders and aesthetic gems – be it landscape, body, or the meeting of the two.

“There are locations in the world where we can find these packages of perfection a short walk from the car. Why then, have we spent the past couple of days hacking through Tasmanian jungle to get to the coast? Why have we spent hours rigging for such a short experience? On the face of it, the logic doesn’t quite add up.

“Yet, during our three week trip, we will repeat the process again and again.”

Visit here for the full story and to watch highlights.

Capturing a highliner, the milky way and the aurora (southern polar lights) in one single exposure image was something I have never even dreamed of! During our trip to Australia this February we set up a 60m long and 400m high slackline at Cape Pillar. It`s at the most southern tip of Tasmania. When I set up my casual night timelapse I saw some weird green shadows in the test pictures and wasn`t sure about what that was. I did some more test shots and saw that the green lights were moving every frame. Then I was totally sure about what was happening. As I have not expected to see the aurora at all, I was soooo excited about being able to see it. Of course I had to try to take a picture with someone on the highline! After taking the photo and reviewing it on the small screen on the back we still couldn`t really believe that that was real. In the background you can see Tasman Islands Lighthouse. Tomorrow, Friday the 28. we will publish the movie about our whole Tasmania trip!! #milkyway #highline #aurora

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