In 2013, Jamie Finlayson spent his first days mixed climbing with Tim Emmett. The two made the first ascent of 100% Proof next to Brandywine Falls on the West Coast. They rappelled in and established a one-pitch M10. Nearly three years to the day, the pair returned and added two pitches and made the first ascent of the route from the bottom and called it Brandywine Falls.

“Well that was an exciting day,” said Finlayson on Instagram. “Tim Emmett and I climbed Brandywine Falls from bottom to top in three pitches.

“This was my fourth day ice/mixed climbing. Tim lead all the pitches and totally crushed it. The first pitch is all ice and goes at WI6, the second is mixed and goes at M9 and the third pitch M10. We got totally soaked with the spray from the falls on pitch one which then froze on us. The name is 100% Proof. What a day.” Read Finlayson’s first ascent report here.


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