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Video: Passage to Valhalla, a 100-metre Northern Ontario 5.12

In this drone footage, videographer Aric Fishman captures Duncan Hutchison and Kyle Brooks on the wild Passage to Valhalla with full fall colours behind.

Passage to Valhalla 5.12 Photo Aric Fishman

The 100-metre 5.12- climbs the most obvious line up Mount Olympus at Orient Bay in Northern Ontario north of Nipigon and Lake Superior.

The three-pitch route was first climbed in 1999 by Randy Reed, Todd Free and Steve Charlton as an aid route.

The first pitch is a steep and difficult crack that cuts through a roof section only a few minutes from Highway 11 for 30 metres.

You can’t see it in the footage above because it’s hidden beneath the trees. This pitch was freed in 2015 by Charlton and Jody Bernst.

The second pitch climbs a discontinuous hand and finger crack up a wall with solid crimps and gritty feet for 30 metres. The final 46-metre pitch heads up a funky feature with some of the best rock in the area.

For more on the area, visit Fishman’s website here.