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Video: Timelapse of Climbers on El Capitan

Watch a timelapse of tiny climbers heading up El Capitan in this short film by di Tristan Greszko.

El Capitan, which is Spanish for The Captain, is the most famous big wall in the world. Located in Yosemite National Park on the north side of Yosemite Valley, climbers have been heading up its wall for over 60 years.

At its highest point, it rises 1,000 metres from the valley. There are dozens of world-class routes up it, from 5.11s to 5.14 and A5+.

El Capitan was named by the Mariposa Battalion when they first explored the valley in 1851.

El Capitan was a loose Spanish translation of the local Native American name for the cliff, variously transcribed as “To-to-kon oo-lah” or “To-tock-ah-noo-lah” (Miwok language).

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