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Watch Amanda Berezowski Send Quebec V9

Amanda Berezowski was visiting Quebec for the Canadian Lead/Speed Nationals (find results from the comp here) and sent Cowboy V9.

After her send, she noted on Instagram, “The day after Nationals I was able to make a visit to Val David, a crag just north of Montreal where seven yrs ago I learned a big portion of my outdoor bouldering skills.

En route from Montreal back to BC ✈️ This past weekend was full of highs & lows for me…my performance in the Canadian Lead Nationals has me leaving with a feeling of disappointment & heartbreak. After investing so much towards being able to climb my best it's hard to have one of the biggest days end with a feeling that I didn't even climb or get to see what I'm capable of…it was one of the first times I didn't listen to my intuition while figuring out beta and I ended up committing to a wrong one resulting falling at the second clip in my semi-final route. Overall, the stronger and more prepared for competitions I feel, the more I've gotten nervous this year… . On the positive side; One of the best parts of competition is the unveiling of the next step in this journey to become the best we can be. I'm definitely determined to figure out this mental crux I seem to be facing…I don't need to let one experience define my future. I am strong & this won't hold me back! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 As well, I was incredibly happy to be back in a city I lived in 7 years ago, to reconnect with friends & boulder projects, to brush up on my French, share new experiences & be there to support people's successes! . Congratulations to the champions @alannah_yip & @mccollsean 🏆 & also specifically to a few of the BC athletes who had very inspiring performances @chloe_earle @elinaavr & @tosh_sherkat ✨ . Thank-you to the route setters & to @canyon.escalade_ for this event! 💜🙏🏻 . 📷 @murdochshane #nationals #womenonlead #climbing #sportclimbing #competition #enshorts #onwardsandupwards #cantstopwontstop #strongmindstrongbody #freeyourmindandclimb @butoracanada @omtownyoga @forceclimbing @climbonsquamish @e9canada

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“It was cool to get on this problem I wasn’t even able to do the first move on before and now finish it in a session.”

Berezowski has a number of hard sends, including that of Zero Zero V10 in Squamish earlier this year, of which she said, “I’ve wanted to do it ever since I saw the Big Up Productions ‘Rampage’ movie from 2000.” Click on the clip below to watch the send.