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Watch Barbara Zangerl and Nina Caprez Send Big Line

Watch Nina Caprez and Barbara Zangerl on their 2015 send of the big multi-pitch bolted alpine climbed called Die Unendliche Geschichte 5.14 in Ratikon, Switzerland.

The first ascent of the 12-pitch climb was by the famous Beat Kammerlander and later repeated by Pietro dal Pra in 2005.

Kammerlander established the big line in 1990 and freed it in 1991.

“It’s still so unreal,” Caprez posted on Instagram. “I can’t describe in words what I lived up there with [Barbara Zangerl] during the last two months. Respect [once] more to Beat Kammerlander. What a badass.”

While it’s bolted, Die Unendliche Geschichte is like many other Ratikon routes and is very runout and almost never attempted.

The bolts are almost always after the crux, which means big whippers.

Zangerl and Caprez teamed up for Die Unendliche Geschichte and put two months of effort into the route before their back-to-back ascents.