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Watch Canadians Climb Baffin’s Beluga Spire

Paul McSorely, Tony Richardson, Joshua Lavigne and Crosby Johnston travel to the remote Baffin Island with the goal of a first ascent of the North Face of the Beluga Spire.

Prior to even leaving for the expedition their local Clyde River guide, Levi suggested they not even make the journey as they were hitting the tail end of the preferred, but short summer season.

Paul McSorley, Tony Richardson, Joshua Lavigne and Crosby Johnston. Photo Joshua Lavigne / Courtesy of Arc'teryx

The Beluga Spire is located in the Walker Arm of the Sam Ford Fiord, about 160 km boat ride from the village of Clyde River, NU.

After two attempts of battling sea ice, turning a six-hour boat ride into 12 hours, they landed at the toe of the Broad Peak glacier and bid farewell to their guide team.

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