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Watch Climbing Mount Robson’s Kain Face

Mount Robson’s Kain Face is one of the most sought-after moderate alpine faces in Canada.

In 2014, Max and Charlie Nuttelman made an ascent of the classic wall, which was first climbed in 1913 by Conrad Kain and his clients, McCarthy and Foster. It’s a 20-pitch alpine ice and snow route. Here is some of what Charlie had to say:

“We took a short break then my brother went off leading the summit ridge.  It was easy walking yet tremendous exposure for a bit then the ridge steepened and became quite firm/icy.  We alternated leading.  We’d place a picket or screw here and there.  Finally, as I was leading I ran into a steep headwall and I knew the final summit ridge was right above.

“Instead of stopping and belaying my brother to the base of the wall, I just went for it.  A few minutes and an ice screw later and I was atop the main summit ridge!  Max followed and we had another 15 to 20 minutes of ridge exposed walking and we were on the summit! What a great feeling.

“It had been four hours since we left camp.  On one side of the ridge straight below us was the parking lot, 10,000 feet below.  On the other side of the ridge was Berg Lake, again it seemed that it was right below us.”

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