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Watch Gabriele Moroni Send Ziqqurat V15 in Italy

Gabriele Moroni has climbed Nico Ceria’s Ziqqurat V15 in Gaby, northern Italy. “After day one I got completely hooked and felt the needing of going to try it whenever I had some free time from work,” wrote Moroni on Instagram.

“The process on this boulder has been crazy. From not to be able to even do all the moves on day1 to do all the moves and pretty decent links on day two, to actually fall twice at the last move on day three and four.

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“Then on day five, alone, I managed to put all my physical and mental energies in one single try.”

The first ascent was in 2015 by Ceria, who noted after, “The peculiarity is of course the perfect cut of the roof and the technical and spicy final arete.

“The full sequence took me in total 9 days, 6 of them during 2015 and during my highest shape peaks. Probably my hardest so far, but I feel definitely more glad about the uniqueness of the boulder.