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Watch Joe Ho Send an Ontario V10

Ontario boulderer, Joe Ho, recently sent a long-term project at The Halfway Log Dump.

Joe is no stranger to Halfway Log Dump as he’s been making annual trips for the past few years. On his last trip, he sent Stingray V10, which is one of the only two V10s at Halfway.

“Had a really good time at Halfway Log Dump on the May 2-4 weekend and managed to get the project I’ve been working on since last year,” said Joe. “I was pretty excited when I got it, but almost botched the end.” 

“Really cool climb,” said Joe. “Doesn’t look like it should go and is super slippery. Pray for colder temps before attempting.”

The Halfway Log Dump

Found on the northern end of the Bruce Peninsula, it stretches along the shore of Georgian Bay. The rock is clean and solid and the the boulders have been a destination for over a decade.

Halfway Log Dump Online Guidebook

Halfway Log Dump is part of Bruce Peninsula National Park and climbers are represented by the Ontario Access Coalition. There is a history of access issues and climbing wasn’t allowed for years due to environmental impact issues. Visit the Ontario Access Coalition here for more information.