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Watch Ontario Bouldering at Halfway Log Dump and 2016 Conditions

Jack Szumilas and his brother took a trip to Halfway Log Dump to check how high the water level was. “The main problems I wanted to try weren’t accessible, but I think by the summer most things will be climbable.”¬†Szumilas said the Q-Bert area is completely underwater, as well as Water Beetle, The Whale, and The Crab. “I don’t see that changing in the near future unfortunately.

“Halfway is beautiful and one of my favourite places though, so I’m always happy to climb here. The video has a few of the moderate and easy lines in the area that I really enjoyed, anything I flashed in it is a resend from a few years ago.” You require a permit to climb at Halfway, check with Ontario Access Coalition for more here. For a guidebook to the area visit here.

Halfway Log Dump Bouldering from Jack Szumilas on Vimeo.