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Watch Paul Robinson on Jumpman V14

Paul Robinson has put together a great short film of him on Jumpman V14 in Colorado.

“I lost many battles with Jumpman over the past year but finally managed to win the war.” said Robinson.

“I figured out a small fix to my beta that was the real game changer for me. Sometimes when you start to give up and think something is impossible, you have to take a step back and reevaluate.”

Robinson, 30, jumped onto the scene in 2007 with the third ascent of Jade V14 in Colorado.

He then made the second ascent of Terremer V15 in Hueco Tanks. It was regarded as the hardest problem at Hueco Tanks and Robinson described it as, “The hardest boulder I have ever done so far.”

In 2010, he claimed the first ascent of the 17-metre Lucid Dreaming, a highball in the Buttermilks near Bishop.

He originally proposed a grade of V16, the highest bouldering grade that had yet been assigned to a problem, but he later suggested Lucid Dreaming might be a V15. The problem was not repeated until January 2014.

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