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Watch Remote Ontario Granite Multi-Pitch Climbing

In the remote forests of Ontario’s Algoma region along the Canadian Shield are a number of granite walls and domes that for some reason or another had never really been developed until the past few years. The access isn’t bad and the main wall is big for the province. Development has been ongoing for the past few seasons and there are a handful of climbs in the works.

Hannes Kutza is a photographer who joined some climbers in 2017 during a route development trip. The film focuses on the climbers who make the trip, the new-routing process and Northern Etiquette, a multi-pitch 5.9.

The established routes range from 5.6 to 5.11 and from one to six pitches. The area still has a ways to go before it’s ready to be weekend destination. Along with the Eyeball crag there are a number of nearby cliffs that are in development, such as The Fortress, Shotgun and the Beach.

Kaja Weinandi on Northern Etiquette 5.9 Photo Hannes Kutza

The Big Wall is the tallest, most impressive face at the Eyeball. It is about 115 metres tall at its highest point and close to 400 metres long.

There are several large, promi-nent arches on the face with lines of weakness/cracks/corners running beneath them and more climbing above.

There is an eye-catching prow and pillar at the left end of the cliff and a less dramatic pillar on the right end.

Watch Project Crownland: