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Watch Steve “Manboy” Townshend Take a Whipper

Watch Steve “Manboy” Townshend take a whipper off a 5.14 in Tonsai, Thailand.

Townshend climbed his first 5.14a in 2001, called Fdude. He had taken a nasty fall on it in January 200o when he was 19. Sonnie Trotter was belaying and accidentally let the rope feed through the belay device. Instinctively, Trotter ran over and tried to catch Townshend who had fallen 25 metres from the 10th bolt. Trotter had injured hands from the fall and Townshend was out for a few months with injuries.

Townshend, who recently took his Airline Transport Pilot License, said, “My best years were between 2008 and now and my best climbing years are ahead of me.”

Watch Townshend take a clean fall in Tonsai.