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Watch Wild FAs in the Ghost by Leclerc, Harrington and Neufeld

These top climbers used horses, not 4X4's to access big and bold new routes in the Ghost

Kieran Brownie is a Squamish-based photographer who travelled with some of the West Coast’s top climbers for some new-routing in the Ghost River Valley in 2018. The walls in the Ghost are made of some of the best Palliser limestone in Canada. The vertical and solid grey, orange and blue faces hold years’ worth of potential.

Brownie was with Brette Harrington, the late Marc-Andre Leclerc and Luke Neufeld for a number of weeks in the spring of 2017. They entered the Ghost on horseback and climbed dozens of new routes, often run-out and in the 5.12 range.

Near the end of the film, Leclerc makes big moves high above the ground without a rope. Follow Brownie on Instagram below.

The Ghost