William Bosi is 17 and Sends 5.14d as Youngest Brit to Climb Grade

May 3rd, 2016 by | Posted in International, News, Profiles, Routes |

William Bosi is 17 years old and just became the youngest U.K. climber to send 5.14d with his send of Rainshadow. His send is the sixth ascent of the hard route. Other senders include Adam Ondra, Ben Moon, Stu Littlefair, Jordan Buys and Steve McClure.

After his send, he wrote on Facebook, “Basically Rainshadow is by far the hardest route I’ve ever done and one of the best. It is probably the most inspiring line at Malham and one of the most in Britain. It climbs through the steepest and longest part of the Malham roof and its pretty much in the middle of the cove as well.

“This was the first route I’ve ever spent more than two days on so I really got a feel for the projecting side of climbing but I’m not sure I’m convinced. This route was my main ambition for this year so now I’m keen just to go to lots of crags and try I lots of hard routes. The main ones I have in mind are Hubble and Hunger 5.14d. I’m also hoping to get some good results in the youth competitions this year.” Watch Bosi work through the crux of Rainshadow.