“The process is never easy,” explained Alex Honnold. “And sharing your vision can be scary. But developing a game-changing product is always worth it.”

Honnold would know. In the past two years, he’s been involved in some amazing product innovations, from the HonnSolo to the Hot Forge Heated Chalk Bag. So recently, when he needed help bringing a new idea to life, he knew just where to go. Black Diamond worked tirelessly with Honnold; conceptualizing, creating, and developing ideas that Black Diamond hoped would fill the void in his gear arsenal.

And through the search, frustrations and collaboration, Black Diamond finally landed on product we’re proud to bring to market. Behold, the Alex Honnold Signature Spatula built to handle any climber’s cookout, whether you’re in sub-zero temps, gearing up for a winter expedition, or flipping pancakes on a portaledge, the Honnold Signature Spatula gets it done in style.

The spatula design team in action. Photo Jeff Colt

Through intense exploration of our cutting-edge technologies, such as the award-winning, ergonomic shapeof our avalanche shovels, the simplicity and functionality of an Angle Piton, and the molded plastics our harnesses’ reliable gear loops, Black Diamond narrowed in on exactly what Honnold was looking for in a spatula.

Black Diamond combined dual-density over-molding and high temperature-resistant silicone with a flex-tapered asymmetrical blade that intuitively molds to the shape of any pan, slips under a portaledge pancake yet is strong enough to handle a steak, and maneuvers whipped batters, liquids, and, of course, Honnold’s pre-sending staple: scrambled eggs, with ease.

Alex Honnold Spatula

The lightweight, yet sturdy, Honnold Spatula has a comfortable, grippy silicone handle, which is ergonomic, heat resistant up to 550°F, and features Honnold’s iconic signature.

Also, the entire spatula is BPA, BPS and phthalate free. “But the coolest part,” adds Honnold, “is that every time one of these spatulas gets sold, 100 per cent of proceeds go to the Honnold Foundation, which promotes solar energy for a more equitable world.” Pick up your Honnold Signature Spatula today and support the Honnold Foundation. Order here.


– Flex-tapered asymmetrical blade for accurate and efficient cooking
– BPA & BPS Free Heat Proof to 550°FSolid silicone blade and handle prevent damage and won’t scratch delicate cookware
– Fiberglass core –provides better heat resistance and longer life
– Durable unibody design
– Grippy soft-touch silicone handle for heat resistance
– Features Honnold’s iconic signature and Honnold Foundation logo
– Honnold Signature Verde colorLifetime Guarantee
– Thanks to GIR (Get It Right silicone tools) for spatula creation

The Spatula