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A New Ice Route in Semi-Arid B.C. Town Climbed Thanks to Cold Temps

This area of the province doesn't often cool enough for fat climbs to form

Photo by: Steve Janes

The cold weather in western Canada continues to provide new route options for those keen to head out and take a look. Another new B.C. ice line has been added near the semi-arid town of Lillooet.

Brent Nixon, Steve Janes and Jordan Craven found and climbed a route they’re calling Too Many Heroes, a 90-metre WI4. Nixon, who climbed this new WI6+ last week, said that it’s “roughly on the eastern flank of Mount McLean in the Lillooet Range” and above the sawmill as you drive toward Duffy Lake.

Nixon said the approach took about an hour due to there being more snow than normal, but that the hike with a beat trail would take around 45 minutes. They found good ice throughout, and Nixon noted, “Cold temps in Lillooet. Was hoping for a little sunshine but it didn’t happen either. Daytime high was -16c which made for slow going and screaming barfies.”

On the following day, they hiked in to what looked like another new route nearby, but as Nixon said, “Got kinda skunked on another new route today. It ended up being two small pitches of WI2 in a snowy gully.”

Temps from Squamish north to Lillooet are expected to warm in the coming days, with rain and above freezing temperatures.


Lead photo: Steve Janes