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Canadian Finishes Top-10 at Another Euro Ice Cup

Gord McArthur is back in Canada after three top-10 finishes at the European Ice Cup

B.C. climber Gord McArthur has just spent a month in Europe competing at three European Ice Cups. Before returning back to Canada, he bagged another top-10 finish in Brno, Czech Republic.

After qualifiers, McArthur told Gripped, “Five qualifying routes. After the fourth, I was sitting in tenth. Mathematically, there was still a chance for finals. In my head it was all or nothing. Sometimes, passion needs to trump logic. It needed to be something magical to pull off the unthinkable.

“The last route was the hardest, the longest. But the moment I left the ground, I could feel more energy fhan usual. There was no stopping, no slowing down. Every ounce of me was going for it. I knew I needed to reach a certain height to move on. But when I got to that certain height, I was like ‘damn, there’s still time,’ so I kept going, and kept goin, and kept going. I did it, my impossible. I made the finals…again, for the third time in a row.”

McArthur, the only Canadian competing on the world stage this year, finished in seventh place, after an eighth place finish in Žilina, Slovakia, and a seventh place finish in Bern, Switzerland.

Women/Men Podium Brno

1. Tyler Kempney (USA) / Enni Bertling (FIN)
2. Virgile Devnin (FRA) /  Marianne van der Steen (NED)
3. Nikolay Primerov (SUI) / (Olga Kosek (POL)