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Climbers Rescued off Rakaposhi Thanks to Pilots

The climbers were rescued by brave pilots at over 6,000 metres

Three climbers have been rescued after becoming stranded on Pakistan’s Rakaposhi. Czech climbers Jakub Vicek and Peter Macek and Pakistani Wajidullah Nagri were stranded in camp three at a height of 6,900 metres.

The three climbers were assisted by a helicopter that dropped supplies, including food and water, which helped them descend to 6,200 metres. A rescue team that consisted of pilots, military and local climbers then engaged in a multi-day operation to get the climbers down; even Gilgit-Baltistan’s ministers of tourism and finance were on hand to ensure things went smoothly.

A helicopter was able to pick the climbers up from 6,200 metres in two trips, thanks to precise flying. A number of climbers waiting at base camp didn’t have to attempt a ground rescue.

This is an amazing rescue done by likely some of the best pilots in the area. Search and rescue technicians deserve a lot of praise from climbers. Be sure to support your local search and rescue groups.