New Book: Women Who Dare

women-who-dare“This book offers an inspiring look at the world of female climbing, capturing the heart of the sport from a perspective not fully explored before—that of the women climbers themselves. Working with Chris Noble on this project was an absolute pleasure. He helped me to reflect on and articulate why climbing has become my life’s passion. I highly recommend this delightful read.” —Sasha DiGiulian, world-ranking leader in female climbing.

Women Who Dare by Chris Noble profiles 20 of America’s most inspiring women climbers. Each climber tells her story, highlights personal challenges, philosophies, accomplishments and gives tips on how to maximize one’s life and climbing potential.

Featured climbers: Elaina Arenz, Kitty Calhoun, Steph Davis, Sasha DiGiulian, Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou, Nancy Feagin, Dawn Glanc, Brittany Griffith, Emily Harrington, Lisa Hathaway, Lynn Hill, JC Hunter, Lauren Lee McCormick, Alison Osius, Angie Payne, Alex Puccio, Lisa Rands, Beth Rodden, Kate Rutherford, and Madaleine Sorkin.


Excerpt from the book:

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