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The Wild Country Movement Your Next All-Round Harness

A great harness for indoor training and working on projects this fall

Even an unused harness will wear out after five years. The end of the summer rock season is a good time to assess your present harness and think about whether you need a new one.

Finding the right harness in the line-up of dozens of specialized models can be difficult, but if you’re not sure exactly which harness would be best for you, or you are an all-round climber who sport climbs, trad climbs, or does long routes and ice climbs, the Wild Country Movement might be for you.

English brand Wild Country, the manufacturers of Friends, the first spring-loaded camming devices, have a long history of innovative equipment design, and their harness line-up is no exception..

The Movement is an all-arounder, with leg-loops with easily adjusted buckles to accommodate changes in clothes and different users. Rigid gear loops in the front for easy clipping and soft ones in the back for comfortable chimneying and three-dimensional climbing. A rear loop provides for a tag-line or other items. The laminate padding and ergonomic shape make it an especially comfortable rig while working routes. Available in two sizes and comes in its own storage bag.

Movement Harness



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