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16-Year-Old Sends Classic Estado Critico 5.14d in Spain

It's one of the most-climbed sport routes of the grade in Spain

Victor Guillermin, 16, has climbed the classic Siurana test-piece Estado Critico 5.14d. Before the benchmark grade, he’d climbed a few 5.14c lines and had podiumed at the Euro Youth Championships in 2021.

Estado Critico is next to the famous La Rambla 5.15a at the El Pati sector of Siurana and was first climbed by Spanish powerhouse Ramón Julián Puigblanque in 2004.

Canadian Sonnie Trotter sent Estado Critico in 2015 and said, “The route took me six days of work, maybe seven. The first day I remember touching all the holds and being pretty discouraged, they didn’t seem good enough for me to actually use them all. But then we started trying it from the ground a couple of days later and I got more and more stoked on it.”

While many climbers have suggested a downgrade to 5.14c, Megos said after his onsight, “I cannot and do not want to say anything about the grade. During my onsight everything ran perfectly and nevertheless it was really difficult. I don’t feel I can say anything about the grade.”

Estado Critico 5.14d

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