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A 200 Kilometre Mountain Traverse in Seven Days – Epic

Kaytlyn Gerbin and Jenny Abegg shave 21 days off this huge alpine journey

The North Cascades High Traverse is a 200-kilometre-long traverse (with 60,000 vertical feet of elevation gain) that has only been accomplished twice on record. The first team took 28 days, and in July 2022, Kaytlyn Gerbin and Jenny Abegg made the traverse in seven days.

The North Cascades High Traverse requires mastery of difficult fifth class terrain, glacier travel, navigation, and a lot of fitness. About the traverse, FKT.com states, “Expect to encounter the North Cascade’s finest bushwhacking, steep snow, glacier travel, scree/talus/boulder fields, scrambling (including a few fifth class steps), inclement weather, and challenging navigation.”

A new short film, The High Route, documents Gerbin and Abegg’s epic record-breaking push. It premiered today, watch below.

Cascades Traverse