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A Great Coach and Undercover Pro Climber – One Fun Video

Climbing's number one YouTuber, Magnus Midtbø, tricks a coach into thinking he's a new climber

Coach Triston Rendon probably never imagined that pro climber Magnus Midtbø would one day show up undercover to take an introduction to climbing course. Rendon takes it all in stride and finds out at the end of their session that his quick-to-progress student was Midtbø.

Since the video went live, Rendon has been praised for his coaching skills, to which he said, “I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed with all the support these past few days. Thank you all so much for your kind words, and a huge thank you to Magnus for such a great video idea. I can only hope to give to fellow climbers the kind of support I received when I first started – the number one thing that drew me to the sport.”

Undercover Climber