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Adam Ondra Talks About Project Harder Than Silence 5.15d

Adam Ondra talks about Project Big, a route that might become one of the world's hardest once sent

In the past few weeks, Adam Ondra has climbed a new 5.15c that he said is his second hardest route ever, established a new V15/16 and onsighted 5.14d. Today he released a video about an old project that he’s looking forward to.

“When people ask me what is the best crag in the world or my favourite crag, it is very difficult to answer,” Ondra said. “I like variety, and I like travelling. But if I have to pick only one crag, there is only one answer for me – Flatanger in Norway. And the reason behind this answer? Definitely, the strong emotions are connected with this place for me. And I am sure that this place has such immense energy that is still strong even through the lens of a camera.”

On Sept. 3, 2017, Ondra made the first ascent of Silence which he rated 5.15d – the world’s hardest sport climb to date. Before Silence, however, Ondra had his eyes on an even bigger and more difficult project called Project Big.

“This new video captures the history of climbing in the cave, how bolting went and what are the last great problems of the cave, including the most obvious one – Project Big,” said Ondra. Watch below.

Project Big

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