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Alex Honnold Free-Solos The Phoenix 5.13a in Yosemite

Honnold climbed it for the camera over 10 years ago, but the film was just released online today

Alex Honnold free-soloed The Phoenix 5.13a in Yosemite back in 2011, it was one of the world’s first recorded 5.13 trad climbs. A day later, Honnold free-soloed the 15-pitch The Chouinard-Herbert V 5.11+ on the Sentinel.

Peter Mortimer from Reel Rock filmed Honnold on The Phoenix, while the TV show 60 Minutes filmed the Chouinard-Herbert free-solo. Honnold needed only eight minutes to climb The Phoenix and two hours for the other route.

About The Phoenix free-solo, Honnold later said, “I thought I could do it, so I figured I might as well. It’s a pretty amazing route, and the waterfall below it is raging right now. It’s a special place.” The film by Reel Rock was released online today, so be sure to check it out below. Read more about The Phoenix here.

The Phoenix Free-Solo