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Alex Honnold Highballing in Font

Fontainebleau isn't known for its bold highballs, but we get to see some of the classics in this fun video

Alex Honnold has been climbing in Fontainebleau this spring, spending a few days bouldering with local film crews, including the creators at Bouldering Bobat.

Parkour specialist Toby Segar joined Honnold and others for a day of highballing. Honnold takes up the challenge of climbing an eight-metre tall problem, which is featured near the end of the below video.

While Honnold is famous for his many free-solos around the world, he’s also one of the world’s most well-rounded climbers, with alpine first ascents, hard sport climbs and cutting-edge trad to his name.

Honnold in Font