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Alex Honnold’s “Holy Sh*t” Look After Free-Solo Save

Ten years ago, Honnold linked three of the biggest walls in Yosemiite in a day solo

In summer 2012, Alex Honnold made the first ever solo link up of Yosemite’s Mount Watkins, El Capitan, and Half Dome, climbing 95 per cent free-solo with a few points of aid. He finished the solo triple in 18 hours 50 minutes. The three walls are considered the Yosemite Triple Crown.

He linked the walls only Days after his one hour and twenty-two minute free-solo of the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome and a few weeks after he and Caldwell completed the triple link in 21 hours.

While transitioning from free-soloing to aid, Honnold’s left foot slipped, but he held on for one of the best saves ever caught on video. Shortly after completing the climbs, Honnold posted to his Facebook page, “Soloing big walls sure makes me sleepy.” The face he makes at 1:20 says it all, but in his book Alone on the Wall Honnold says the moment was slightly overhyped as he’s holding on to a big jug. Still, looks intense.

Honnold on Watkins

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