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Alex Megos on His Historic 5.14d Onsight

Ten years ago, he hadn't thought about becoming a pro climber and had never sent 5.14d. Megos has accomplished a lot in the past decade

In 2013, Alex Megos made the first-ever onsight of a 5.14d with Estado Critico in Spain, he was 19 at the time. Megos talks about how he never planned to become a pro climber, but this onsight led to to him getting sponsors and going on more trips.

Until the 5.14d onsight, Megos had only climbed a handful of 5.14s, with Pure Imagination 5.14c being his hardest. In the short video below, Megos answers questions about his historic send.

Megos on 5.14d Onsight