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Amazing Aid-Solo First Ascent on Cap Trinité

One of the best films ever made about climbing a tall Quebec granite wall

Found in eastern Quebec above the Saguenay River, Cap Trinité is one of Canada’s most famous granite walls. There are hard free and aid routes. In 2021, Le Temps Suspendo, a 280-metre A3- was added by Tom Canada.

A new documentary by director Philippe Larivière follows climber Canac on the first ascent. “In 2019, I found myself sitting in front of Tom Canac, in his living room, proposing to document the opening of a new route on Cap Trinité. That day, I had no idea that this project would occupy three years of my life,” said Larivière.

After a successful tour in Quebec, with screenings in Montreal, Quebec City, Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard, and Saguenay, the short film Le Temps Suspendu is now available online.

The film won the award for Best Direction in the “Long Short Films” category at the AltFF Alternative Film Festival in Toronto and is a finalist at the Mountain & Adventure Film Festival as well as another selection. Enjoy this 26-minute film featuring Canac, Hugo Drouin and Cécile Hauchecorne.

Le Temps Suspendu