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An All-Female First Ascent in Greenland

Bronwyn Hodgins, Kelsey Watts and Angela Vanwiemeersch climbed a new 400-metre 5.11 in 2022

Over 65 days in 2022, six climbers kayaked the west coast of Greenland,and climbed new routes on granite cliffs rising out of the ocean. At 72 degrees north the summer sun never sets.

This is a short film of one of those climbs called Time is a Construct 5.11 A2, 400 metres, established by Bronwyn Hodgins, Kelsey Watts and Angela Vanwiemeersch in a 50-hour push with one shiver bivy.

“We like creating a journey around it, becoming immersed in the giant landscape and being forced to go slow,” said Hodgins in a story about their trip here. “In Greenland we had a lot of gear and food, so we weren’t moving quickly. We had to work with nature, timing our days with tides and the winds. The wind really affected us, but when it blew in our favour we rafted the kayaks together and used our tarp as a sail!”

Time is a Construct

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