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Anna Hazelnutt Sessions Fun Boulders in the U.K.

In 2021, she sent her first 5.14 and made quick work of an E9 trad climb that was captured in a video which went viral

Anna Hazelnutt has had a stellar past year with sends of 5.14 sport routes, E9 trad lines and difficult boulders. In this video, she goes for a session with Ezra Byrne at Cromlech in Llanberris, U.K.

“I just went to North Wales for a week, and this was my first and only day there,” she said. “My favourite one on that wall was probably The Edge Problem. Cool moves on tiny little holds.”

The problems in order as they appear, are The Ramp V1, Ramp Central V2, Chocolate Moose V7, Dynamic Chocolate Moose V7, The Edge Problem sds V7, Johnny’s Wall sds V7, Room for a Small One sds V8 and Jerry’s Roof V9.

Asked if she’s ever climbed in Canada, Hazelnutt said, “I’ve climbed in Squamish. I did some bouldering there many years ago, but definitely want to come back.”

Bouldering in Wales