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Aunt Dolly is Climbing at 67 and Inspiring Others

A sweet story about friends and family coming together for some indoor climbing

Aunt Dolly, 67, spends her free time at Climb Central projecting routes with her daughter and connecting with friends. Watch a short video about her time at the gym below.

In 2022, we talked to Ontario climber and granddad Garry Reiss about sending his first 5.13 at 64. “I had stood there in awe, 35 years earlier, when my buddy Kevin Lawlor got the FA of what was possibly the first 5.13 in Canada,” he said. Read the full article here.

In 2010, Aidas Odonelis wrote a story for Gripped called Older, Stronger and Harder: Sending After Mid-Life, in which he wrote: “’You don’t recover as quickly between attempts, so you can’t make as many attempts in the same period of time. Trying to do so will be frustrating and inevitably lead to over-use injuries.’ Using experience and becoming more analytical in approaching a climb can lead to success with fewer attempts and less physical effort.” Read the full article here.

Aunt Dolly at 67