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Beginner Tips for the MoonBoard

Tips from one of the U.K.'s best rock climbers about transitioning your training to a MoonBoard

In 2005, top climber Ben Moon transformed the sandbagged School Room into the world’s first standardized training board. Since then, there have been numerous reincarnations, the most famous of which exhibited in the 2016, 2017, and 2019 MoonBoard sets.

For years now, climbers have been getting stronger on the MoonBoard, but if you’re new to the sport or to training then it might seem intimidating. The holds are made out of either wood or polyurethane depending on which year of hold set you end up with. In either case, the holds become worn with time, increasingly texture-less and, as a result, even better for training.

Unlike a fingerboard, the MoonBoard is a wall that you climb on. Additionally, the MoonBoard targets grips strength as well as finger strength with its oddly shaped grips. Just like outdoor climbing, these holds create a seeming infinity of potential grip options for each boulder. Below is a great video for MoonBoard beginners.

MoonBoard Beginner Tips