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British Mountain Guides Talk About Profession

We hear from several mountain guides about what it takes and why they do it

In this video, we hear from some of our members about what it means to be a British Mountain Guide. The challenges of becoming a guide have tested many great British climbers over the years. One thing is for certain, being able to work in the mountains is one of the most rewarding career paths out there.

We hear from British Mountaiin Guide president Martin Doyle as well as other guides such as Callum Muskett, Jon Bracey, John Lyall and Lou Reynolds

To become an mountain guide in Canada takes years of training, courses and exams. You need to specialized in rock climbing, alpinism and backcountry skiing. To find out more about guiding in Canada visit here. Earlier this year, we shared an interview with mountain guide Jordy Shepherd about rock climbing safety – read the story here.

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