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Climber Trains Four Years for This Classic V15

The Story of Two Worlds is one of the most repeated boulders at the grade

“I spent the last few weeks in Ticino on this boulder projecting it, and this video depicts that process and the lessons that came with,” said Emil Abrahamsson, who trained for the classic Story of Two Worlds for four years.

In 2005, Dave Graham established the problem and called it “the new standard for V15.” The problem connects a difficult boulder into the climb The Dagger V14. The Story of Two Worlds is one of the most repeated V15s, with sends by (not a complete list): Alex Megos, Dai Koyamada, Paul Robinson, Jernej Kruder, Carlo Traversi, Giuliano Cameroni, Gabriele Moroni, Toru Nakajima, Jimmy Webb, Jan Hojer, Samuel Ometz, Martin Stráník, Alex Khazanov, Paweł Jelonek, Christof Rauch, Keenan Takahashi and Niky Ceria.

Megos noted that he didn’t use a kneepad and talked about the ethics about hard sends, like those of Story of Two Worlds. He said, “There are various videos online from lots of different climbers, all theoretically climbing the same boulder and claiming the same grade: V15. It seems like the climbing community is not differentiating at all and rarely mentioning how things are climbed.”

Story of Two Worlds V15