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Dave MacLeod Discusses Eating Only McDonald’s Burger Patties for Two Months

For 8 weeks, he ate nothing but McDonald's beef patties – no buns, sauce, cheese or veggies

Scottish climber Dave MacLeod recently embarked on an unusual food experiment. For two months, he consumed only beef patties from McDonald’s. He ate around 12 to 16 beef patties a day to keep himself full. The only other food he ingested regularly was tea with milk. On a few mornings where he needed a meal early in the day, he ate McDonald’s McMuffin egg patties for breakfast.

Why in the world did MacLeod do this? Here is what he had to say via Instagram: “Firstly, it’s just a personal experiment. It’s not science. I just want to see if eating Mcdonald’s beef has any divergent effects from my previous animal based diet experiments of mostly steak. I want to see if I feel and perform better or worse or if there are changes in weight, waist circumference and a few other measures.”

He was originally going to run the experiment for one month, but after getting some interesting results, he decided to run it for another four weeks.

This endeavour brings to mind the 2004 film, Super Size Me, in which Morgan Spurlock only ate McDonald’s for 30 days. Unlike Spurlock, MacLeod only ate burger patties – no buns, cheese, veggies, sauce, fries, or sodas. He’s also only ate enough to keep himself full.

MacLeod has tried different food experiments in the past. He’s long had an interest in food and how it affects athletic performance, even obtaining a Master of Science in Human Nutrition degree. His YouTube channel features interesting videos on training and nutrition as well as his many impressive sends. You can watch him discuss the results of his McDonald’s burger patty food experiment below:

Dave MacLeod and McDonald’s