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Egyptian Climber Wafaa Amer on Freedom, Painting and Climbing

She moved away from her home in Egypt to Italy at the age of nine, and is now focused on hard climbing

“Hura” means being free in Egyptian. Wafaa Amer went through many difficulties and struggles during her life. Born in Egypt, Amer has been living in Italy ever since she was nine.

She grew far from home, and she built her freedom embracing and pursuing her passions trying to find her true self. This short film was directed by Matteo Pavana and Pietro Porro.

“We didn’t have a lot of money, we were five people and my father had to take care of all of us. But my best friend, who was a climber already, wanted me to try that discipline and she gave me the membership card to the gym as a gift.”

Wafaa’s Story