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Even Top Trad Climbers Get Nervous Above Gear

Sometimes the boldest climbers have to shake off the nerves after time away from the shaky-gear sharp end

Robbie Phillips is one of the U.K.’s best trad climbers, but he hadn’t been on a committing route for some time. He recently visited the Lake District National Park’s Pavey Ark.

“Next door to the Neil Gresham test-piece climb Lexicon, Impact Day is a trad climb with a reputation,” said Phillips. “With trad climbing repeats from Dave Macleod, Steve McClure, and Hazel Findlay it’s a climb for your tick-list.”

Phillips has climbed routes such as Achemine E9 6c (5.13dR) at Dumbarton Rock and repeated the Alpine Trilogy in the Alps.

“After a winter of sport climbing and bouldering, this trip was part of becoming a trad climber again,” said Phillips. “Back to trad climbing basics, or not! Instead I chose a hard climbing project like Impact Day, whilst trying not to fall climbing and make a real impact.”

Phillips captured his day out on film and released a short video on his YouTube page, which you should subscribe to for some entertaining climbing action.

Impact Day E8 6c