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Film on Rock Crusher Brittany Goris by Kaya Lindsay

Brittany Goris is one of North America's top trad climbers with a number of 5.13 and 5.14 sends to her name

Kaya Lindsay’s video series One Chick Travels Video continues with a short film on Brittany Goris, who became the ninth woman to ever climb 5.14 on trade with East Coast Fist Bump in Arizona.

Lindsay and Goris met in Indian Creek and have spent a lot of time climbing together in the trad climber’s paradise of Vedauwoo, Wyoming. “Brittany is one of the more inspiring people I get to hang out with,” said Lindsay. “Her attitude towards life and pursuing her dreams is truly and sincerely inspirational. Over the summer we had many fireside chats about what we as human beings are capable of, in her words, ‘We are all capable of so much, it’s unbelievable what the human body can do when you really put your mind to it.'”

One of Goris’s climbing heroes is the late Todd Skinner, who “she models a fair amount of her life after.” Brittany recently became the ninth woman to climb 5.14 on trad when she sent East Coast Fist Bump in Arizona. “I’ll leave you with some words from Todd Skinner that Brittany lives her life by,” said Lindsay. “Everything you ever wanted to do is still possible, it’s only you that says it can’t be done, but you better get on it, because time waits for no one.”

Brittany Goris