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Five Years of New Grampians Routes

Mike and Dave Kellermann, along with Mike Forward and Sophie Vivian, have been exploring and developing new bouldering in the Grampians National Park for more than 15 years.

Having opened many hundreds of new boulder problems in the Grampians, this video represents just a handful of lines that we captured on video, or at least had enough footage to edit together something hopefully worth watching.

The footage spans from Buandik in 2009 through to The Outsider from 2014. Guest appearances by Tim O’Neill and some footage by Marissa Kellermann.

“We’re not sponsored and we don’t have a film crew following us around, so much of the footage is less than ideal.” wrote Kellermann. “Nonetheless, we hope you will enjoy the beautiful scenery, world class boulders and what is quite simply the best sandstone in the world. This is Grampians bouldering at its best.”

Grampians Bouldering from Dave Kellermann on Vimeo.